Ottawa to Toronto

Well, the only thing I didn't arrange before I came over were the intercity connections. This wasn't just laziness, I had a look at the rail websites and everything seemed fairly straightforward.

So, knowing I had to sort this out; having a ticket for a museum and not having tried the hotel's breakfast or pool, I set both the radio alarm in the room and my phone. My superpower helpfully kicked in, disabling both of the alarms (I wonder if it works on burgurlar alarms?) so I overslept a smidge.

So, waking up at 1030, I had to check when I had to vacate the room. Turns out it was midday, so I had a bit of time. Splash, shower and pack later and I try to buy train tickets - at 1145. I got a bit of a shock when I found out that they only had business class left - $200.

Panicking slightly I had to go down and checkout and after half an hour of getting increasinly flustered I finally had printed out an e-ticket for the famous Greyhound bus network (concierge didn't even suggest it - I think there's a stigma associated with it because it's cheap and you have to mix with people with no money).

A further flap later which meant I gave up on catching the bus out to the station I ended taking my first cab in years (I've realised I've avoided them for years, no idea why), getting to the station with 20 minutes to spare. When I say 20 minutes to spare, that's allowing for the hour I was asked to leave before boarding. I was all set to complain (at least in my head) when boarding only started 5mins before departure, before I realised about 15 people hadn't got on the coach.

While Canda is a very pretty country, it is mostly a VERY big country. So, y'know, while I did have a look at some of the scenery, there was an awful lot of it and it's mostly trees. So, read a bit, so it wasn't just a day spent travelling.

Dinner was a burger and poutine (fires, cheese curds and gravy - Canadian delicacy that is better than it sounds). Toronto looks like a fun city so far - lots of people out and about, even late (though the weather may help with that) and I'm only a few blocks away from the local equivalent of Times Square which is pretty cool (Thanks to Doug for the recommendation).

[On a random note, switched to glasses a while ago no. A/C and contacts do not play nicely. Now I know why you see so many Americans wearing glasses.]

So, it's 1030 and I have to keep myself entertained. How to do that? Rather than go and see another film (GIJoe may top my worst films list for a while) I went to a place around the corner called Bistro¦Beer. 20 beers on tap and more types of bottled beer than the whole of Birmingham. $6 to try 3 of the draft beers. I may have been there for some time...


Xarrion said...

(fires, cheese curds and gravy - Canadian delicacy that is better than it sounds)

Sounds dangerous! Don't remember the fire from previous experience. Must be a new thing ;p

Jon said...

D'oh. Less carby more burny than intended.