My feet hurt.

Wandered from the hotel to the bottom of the CN Tower ($30!) then over to the end of Queen st, the longest boho area I've ever seen. I didn't buy anything in the end, but it had a nice atmosphere.

Drop some extra cash off, then head off north for a walk. By this point it was 5pm and I'd not had anything to eat all day so I was getting a tad peckish (my eating pattern is going to be even more borked than my sleep schedule when I get back). As it turns out, dinner turned out to be a Mum tribute meal - a frozen Pino Colada and a meal from Red Lobster (Snow crab is nice, but I'm not quite sure what the fuss is about).

Then another brief walk to the north (10+km) - one thing I can't get over is how spread out everything over here is. Then UP at the cinema in 3D which everyone should go see. T'is awesome. NB Not a kids film, just an animated non-violent one. Funny, sweet. I (and the group of guys behind me, I earwigged) cried at least once.

Then I hit the hotel with the intention of writing up the day quickly. I turned the TV on, so I failed. Soul sucking distraction box.

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