Travelling to the future. Through Chaos.

Off to the first of the many British Library events I plan to attend associated with their Out of this World sf exhibit. Hopefully the rest will be cheaper and easier.

I prebooked the tickets by only a few days (and hence only a few pounds) and rediscovered the fact that Visa SecureCode only works on my Credit Card. On which I pay for every transaction. Hassle seemingly over I printed them out before jumping on the 653 to work. By way of Canley, since my observation that all London Midland trains stop at Tile Hill is seemingly less true at the start of the day. So now I have to have an abbreviated lunch to start at four, since i'm only in shortly before 8.

Normal, if slightly bitty day at work, so I sorted my many tickets to Nottingham into prepaid & expensable. The prepaid ones went in the bin and I claimed a few months of expenses. You can see where this is going can't you? That afternoon - after the bins had been emptied - I realized I'd thrown the fought for tickets away.

So, at Coventry, with Jorune patiently waiting for the train we plan to catch - which I can only assume he was in plenty of time for - in the interest of saving time, rather than argue and try and get my tickets cancelled/reprinted, I went to a fast pay machine. In my haste I tapped Single. At which point I started to get somewhat annoyed with myself. One quick queue and a "happens every day mate" later, I finally have a return ticket, just as the train arrives.

If I rave about the talk when it's over, bear in mind what I went through to get here - am I really going to complain?

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