Possible flat

So, I had two viewings booked for tonight, both of which were cancelled. However, on walking into the first agent I found, I was walked over to one of the places I'd booked to view. It's one bed, furnished, £550pcm and in a block called Friars court onFriars road. And they need an answer by tomorrow.

And now I'm torn. It is in a good location (if not the prettiest street). 0.4 miles and 6 minutes to the train station. Cheaper (by £50pcm) than where I am now, including designated parking. 1 bed. Dishwasher.

I'd prefer to get them to take the table out and replace it with my own - a 2 seater is no good for board games and there are a few niggly bits (wobbly towel rail, knackered door latch) that I'd want repaired. It's also quite a lot darker than current place - it's north facing with one small window for a long room and the shared areas area not as nice as I'd hope.

Hopefully I'll wake up in the morning knowing what I want to do.

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