Day 1 so far

The werewolves of brigadoon: The misappropriation of Celtic history by non-descended authours.
GRRMartin amusing - clearly a lot of experience at this. I'm afraid my final position is roughly "cry me a river" History and myths are always misappropriated. The better story will always win out - regardless of the truth. You don't have to read it. Some loons will think it true, but do you really care what idiots think?

Hollywood's favourite SF writer: Why is PKDick so adapted? Who's next?
Scalzi as funny in person - knowledgable panel. Blade Runner rocked - success sells. He's dead - can't complain/be a nuisance. Artistic/academic cachet doesn't hurt, but mostly about money.

No more soldiers: will robots replace soldiers?
Knowledgable panel - lots of real world (unattributable) examples. Got slightly sidetracked, into asymmetric warfare. Maybe a little too real world - not very SFnal. Robots good at stuff like sentry duty - rubbish at warfare. Removing human targets from the conflict invites terrorism.

Anathem book group
Too tired to go!

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